Rent a kayak

Experience the beauty of hidden bays of the Nature Park of Telašćica

Telašćica bay is one of the safest natural bays in the Adriatic which makes it perfect for kayaking. Our kayaks are in the bay Poddugopolje which is the outset for the park exploration in the recommended route od 8 km.

Along the route, there are small hidden bays perfect for swimming, snorkelling, sub water educational path, bay Mir with the salt lake and unforgettable view from the Cliffs - ''Stijene''.

The kayaks you have at your disposal are RTM OCEAN DUO sit on top, modular kayak which can be used for one or two persons or two adults with a child from 4 to 8 years old.

The included equipment along with the kayak are paddles, waistcoat, seats, 10L barrels for dry things and the map.

If you arrive with your own car you can park it in Poddugopolje bay. If you don’t have a transport we will provide it to you from Sali and back.

Daily rental price: 250,00kn

* Ticket to the Nature Park of Telašćica is not included in the price